KPO - knowledge process outsourcing firm in India offering services like kpo legal, kpo secretarial, kpo accounting, kpo taxation etc., consultancy for certification, verificatio, accreditation.
    About Us

About Us

We set the highest standards in the way we operate and pride ourselves on doing the most complex work

PGC's global service delivery model provides clients with an opportunity to capture the comparative advantage of global labour markets to dramatically improve business processes while delivering them at substantially lower costs. PGC has knowledge process outsourcing expertise in Legal, Secretarial, accounting and taxation Services. PGC is in the business of providing the KPO and system management services started by a group of highly qualified and experienced professionals, to offer a full range of services that include system and management consultancy, legal advisory services, accounting, audit and taxation services.
We view our employees as individuals, respecting their talents and abilities and the commitment to upholding our reputation as a decent place to work is a long term goal shared by us all.
We recognise that the firm is only equal to the strengths of its people.
A bouquet of world class services from PGC
» Knowledge Process Outsourcing 
  » Corporate Advisory Services
  » Business Support Services
  » Risk Management Services
  » Corporate Structuring
  » Consultancy to Strengthen National Accreditation Body as per ISO Guide 61
  » Consultancy to Strengthen National/Private Certification Body as per ISO Guide 62 & 66
  » Consultancy to Strengthen National/Private Product Certification Body as per ISO Guide 65
  » Consultancy to Strengthen National/Private Organic Certification Body as per NPOP Standard
  » Consultancy to Strengthen a Designated Operation Entity (DOE) for Validation and Verification for CDM

Corporate Social Responsibility

Serving Society is at the core of PGC' philosophy. This is an international commitment focussed on the needs of our clients, employees and the communities in which we live and work. 
We Serve Society by :
  » Operating from day to day in an environmentally and socially responsible way - for example,
   by minimising material use and recycling where cost effective and appropriate;
  » Aiming to support and strengthen local communities, for example, through various pro bono
  » Providing legal services according to the highest ethical and professional standards;
  » Promoting the advancement of and participation in cultural life; and
  » Continuing to improve ourselves as global citizens.

Policy, Objective, Mission & Vision

Policy :
The firm has been built on foundation of quality services in all aspect of our work. We recognize that timeliness, responsiveness and reasonable fees are just as important as technical and legal expertise.
Our objective
PGC is committed to fostering inclusion and diversity in relation to its employees, clients, stakeholders and the community at large. We seek to integrate diversity into all our activities and to create an inclusive environment where all can fulfill their potential. We aim to:
  » recruit and retain diverse talent,
  » understand and respond to the needs of our diverse clients, and
  » Play a meaningful role in the diverse communities in which we work.
  » We view inclusion and diversity as critical to our business.
Mission & Vision
Our Mission "to provide superior, proactive KPO & System Advising Services to niche markets globally. Our Vision "to become the first choice for Knowledge Process Outsourcing company.

 Pro Bono

"PGC Carries out pro bono in order to give something back to the Community."
Pro bono work is legal, secretarial, accounting and taxation work without charge provided to a wide range of indiv iduals and not-for-profit and charitable organisations. We recognise the growing severity of the legal and non-legal needs of the disadvantaged in the communities we serve and are aware that law firms must play a leading role in addressing these needs. Everyone at our firm is invited to undertake pro bono and community work.

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